Game - What Do You Meme? Stoner Expansion Pack


Game - What Do You Meme? Stoner Expansion Pack

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Product Description

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IS ANYONE ELSE HUNGRY? This What Do You Meme expansion pack is uhh… packed with new photo and caption cards that perfectly embody "Stoner" culture.

Perfect to play at 4:20, or while you’re waiting for the buffalo wings to arrive. The box is a very hard, flat surface... Just sayin'.

WARNING: ADULTS ONLY: This game was created for ages 17+. It is NOT intended for children. There are some things you just can’t unhear. Trust us on this one.

WHAT’S INSIDE: 50 brand new caption cards and 15 photo cards to be added to the core game.

  • Requires What Do You Meme? core game to play
  • 3–20 players
  • Playing time 30–90 minutes
  • Ages 17+