Book - The Official Vampire Artist's Handbook


Book - The Official Vampire Artist's Handbook

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Turn your friends into vampires using just their photos! If you've ever wondered what your friends and family would look like as vampires, now is your chance to find out.

With the expert instructions of well-known artist Lora S. Irish, you can learn how to transform photos into pieces of vampire art with Lora's simple step-by-step format.

In The Official Vampire Artist's Handbook, you'll discover how to capture the essence of vampires, from their slanted brows to their prominent blood fangs, and how, by adding these features to a normal photo, you can morph it into a devilish being.

Covering everything from understanding the human face to the importance of garments and skin coloring, Lora guides you through all aspects of drawing a vampire so that you can sink your teeth into creating your own drawings and designs of the undead.

  • 112 pages, Paperback
  • Dimensions approximately 9 x 11"