Book - The Art of Gothic: Music, Fashion, Culture

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Book - The Art of Gothic: Music, Fashion, Culture

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The gothic look—head-to-toe black attire and extreme makeup—has been a popular one since the 1980s, with each generation reinterpreting this dark aesthetic as its own.

From the staccato post-punk of Siouxsie and the Banshees and the dark rock of the Sisters of Mercy through to the industrial metal of Marilyn Manson and the funereal emotional pop of My Chemical Romance, gothic culture has strong roots in music and continues to adapt and survive.

But gothic art is about more than just album covers and ephemera; it's about fashion, book jackets, cinematography, and fine art. Its influence frequently seeps into mainstream culture too.

The Art of Gothic is the first heavily illustrated tome to explore the aesthetics of this fascinating style in great detail, honing in on the album art, intricate fashions, fantasy illustrations, and more.

  • 224 pages, Hardcover
  • Dimensions approximately 10 x 11"