Pre-Order Policy

ALL Pre-Orders are FINAL after 24 hours.

Cancellations after 24 hours will be charged a 20% Cancellation Fee or first Payment Plan installment as a Non-Refundable Deposit, whichever is greater.

Why Should I Pre-Order?

We get it! You saw the thing and really, really want it. We're collectors, so we do that too! That's why when you pre-order a Limited Edition product from us, we guarantee that product is reserved for you. We cannot guarantee any restocks after our stock is sold out because our Pre-Order products are all Limited Editions and we may not be able to receive any more from our manufacturers and vendors.

When am I Charged?

Our system takes pre-order payments up front to ensure that your order is fully reserved for you. Since pre-order items on our site and in our store are very limited, this guarantees that you get it and it doesn't go to someone else.

Pre-payment also avoids "surprise" charges on your account or credit card as shipping windows from manufacturers can be unpredictable.

What If I Order In-Stock Products With My Pre-Order?

Due to the nature of Pre-Orders often being placed so far in advance of a product's release, we will usually go ahead and ship to you any in-stock items in your order and your Pre-Order separately.

If your Pre-Order is expected to arrive within 14 days of your order, we will hold all your products until your Pre-Order arrives at our store and ship everything together.

Do You Offer a Payment Plan?

At this time orders made in-store only are eligible for payment plans. We are actively working on another Payment Plan solution!

When Will I Get My Order?

Each Pre-Order product listing on our website includes an approximate timeline in the description provided to us by the manufacturer. They may change this timeline without notifying us. 

Pre-ordering with us guarantees that you will receive your order. It does not guarantee a timeline. This means people who order from other retailers may see their orders before you. It also means you might get yours before them. We can't control when we get our vendor shipments, but if you pre-order with us, you're guaranteed to receive it even if it's sold out at other stores.

The only time you will not receive your order is if it is cancelled by the manufacturer. In that rare case a full refund (with no Cancellation Fee) will be issued to you as soon as we find out the product production has been cancelled.

Where's My Pre-Order? My Buddy Already Got His!

Due to the fact we're a small business and order directly from the manufacturers, we don't always get our shipments at the same time as big box stores. Sometimes we get our orders weeks before them, sometimes around the expected release date, sometimes after if the release date has changed.

We order from Sideshow (California), Entertainment Earth (California), Funko (Washington State) and dozens of others. Often we don't know the exact date our products will ship from them until we receive the tracking numbers.

Is My Pre-Order For-Real Guaranteed?

Yes... with these extremely rare exceptions:

  • The manufacturer cancels production.
  • The manufacturer discontinues a product line.
  • Our distributors run out of product and can't allocate enough quantity.
  • The product arrives to us too damaged to ship out to you and we can't get a replacement.

If any of these exceptions happen, your Pre-Order will be fully refunded to you without any Cancellation or Non-Refundable Deposit fees.

Can I Cancel My Pre-Order?

ALL sales are final after 24 hours. This includes Pre-Orders. Please make sure you really want the thing before completing checkout.

We cannot accept returns or exchanges, with the exception to special circumstances as detailed in our Return Policy.

Due to increased cases of hacking and fraud, you cannot cancel your order via an email. You must submit this cancellation form.

You can cancel your pre-order with no additional fees within the first 24 hours of placing the order.

ANY cancellation after 24 hours will be charged a 20% Cancellation Fee. If you purchased via a payment plan, your first payment will be held as a Non-Refundable Deposit. Any balance remaining will be refunded to you.

OR you can choose to receive your full refund as a Nerdvana Outpost E-Gift Card to apply toward a future purchase. Gift Cards never expire.

You cannot cancel your order after it has shipped. Please refer to our Return Policy for information on product returns.

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