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Who doesn’t love superheroes? Everybody does. Your grandmother does. The snooty maître d’ at a high end night club does. In fact, he probably fantasizes about men in tights. Here at Nerdvana Outpost we have enough amazing superhero merchandise to make Batman race out of Gotham City in his Batmobile to get to the store before it all flies off the shelves!

Our superhero collection is more than just a handful of action figures. Au contraire, it is a treasure trove of collectibles, toys, knick-knacks, jewelry, apparel, housewares, stone wares, underwear’s, and—yes, my caped and booted friend—refrigerator magnets.

Superheros are revered by all of us because they represent strength, courage, justice, hope (we’ll always have it), and above all else: balls of pure steel. These comic book characters are like real life superheroes who could save us or kill us with their bare hands if they wanted to. They are larger than life and so are we if we eat one more jelly donut (sorry).

Years of rigorous training, dieting, and popping steroids has made comic book heroes some of the most jacked guys (and gals) in the world. We at Nerdvana have selected our top five hottest superhero bodies. To order online, just click on the title and it will take you to where you can buy these items with one simple click of your mouse.

Captain America

The first Avenger was really born out his costume rather than any superpowers. Cap’s super soldier serum is just that amazing (it also makes him look very attractive). The costume itself is really just a piece of fabric with a star on it, yet it makes him look heroic, strong, and kick ass.


The Norse god and son of Odin has the super-strength of Thor thanks to his enchanted belt. In addition to his godly powers, he’s also known for his ultra-toned upper arms and thighs. He also has the hottest piece of abs in all of Asgard and Midgard. Thor is one hot hunk of god who saves maidens and vanquishes evil with one mighty blow from his enchanted hammer.

Wonder Woman

Her official title being Princess Diana of Themyscira, Diana Prince is the alter ego of the Amazonian warrior princess who is the greatest female superhero of all time. Not only does she have a pretty face, Wonder Woman is also a trained super athlete who has an obsessive interest in all forms of combat. She’s not only skilled with the lasso of truth, but she also uses her incredible fighting skills to protect women and children from criminals and terrorists.

Iron Man

Tony Stark’s first Iron Man suit was basically a suit of armor he built from discarded weapons technology that he repurposed in order to escape captivity in Afghanistan. It was Tony’s first attempt at an armored military body suit and he literally had to piece it together using garbage that he found laying on the sand. The final result wasn’t only a testament to his genius, but also showed off his sexy torso, arms, and legs.


The Dark Knight has the best body in both of the DC and Marvel comic universes. There is something hot about a guy in skin tight spandex, but it works on Bruce Wayne because he’s already from an obscenely rich family.

The Bat-suit doesn’t use any super powers or technology; it’s simply good old fashioned American manufacturing at its finest. It is made from an Nomex fire retardant fabric which turns into a black cape when Bruce jumps off buildings and flies through the air using his grappling gun.

There are many other superheroes that would make this list if we weren't trying to keep this article under 1,000 words. Some male superheroes like Spider-Man, Superman and Wolverine are incredibly attractive because they wear their costumes so well.
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