Science Fiction

If you’ve ever watched a movie, read a novel, or even watched an episode of your favorite TV show in the genre of science fiction, then there’s at least one thing that they all have in common. From apocalyptic tales of the Earth being destroyed by meteors to stories about humanity being forced to inhabit earth-like planets with other intelligent species, science fiction stories are always captivating and exciting.

The question is: why do we love science fiction so much? Why is it such an intriguing genre? Why do many people find themselves obsessed with anything related to sci-fi things? Well, here are just some reasons to explain this phenomenon:

1. Imagination is the key.

All of us love to use our imagination. We all love to dream about different possible realities and scenarios. This is what science fiction helps us do. It gives us stories that explore things that may not currently exist, but may, one day, become a reality.

2. Science fiction makes us think about humanity’s future.

We have seen the classics in the genre of science fiction: Star Wars, Star Trek, Avatar, etc., and we all know how being exposed to these stories made us think about how we would live on a fictional world or planet in outer space. We imagine ourselves being what we call “space explorers,” and we think about how awesome it would be to discover new planets. This genre gives us the opportunity to think about what could happen in the future not only of our species, but also of each one of us personally; and this leads to a better understanding of consciousness.

3. Science fiction helps us to escape our current reality.

It is no secret that most people are unhappy with their lives, whether it is because they are so stressed out that they just cannot take it anymore or because they have lost their dreams and they feel as if they have become a shadow of themselves.

4. Science fiction is relatable.

Whenever we read a science fiction novel or watch a science-fiction movie, we see ourselves in the characters and try to imagine ourselves in similar situations. This leads us to relate to many of the stories of the genre, and helps us make sense of our own lives by comparing it to what we have just been exposed.

5. Science fiction gives us hope for humanity’s future.

Imagining what could be in the future works in two different ways: it allows us to create utopias and dystopias, both of which give us insight into how different we could be from who we are now.

6. Science fiction makes us see how we are different from aliens.

Alien lifeforms that we read about in science fiction stories make us see how much we are similar and how different our bodies and features are.

7. Science fiction helps us imagine ourselves as someone else.

Living in a totally different reality or place from where we currently are leads to the imagination being stimulated even more than it normally is. This allows us to be exposed to new ideas that make us consider things differently than before, even if they weren’t related to science-fiction stories.

8. Science fiction helps us to understand different perspectives.

Getting to know how a different alien species lives their life is insightful, and this makes us think about how different we can be from other humans.

9. Science fiction makes us think about what’s possible and impossible in our lives.

Reading stories that talk about time travel, or even meeting a fictional character from our past or future really makes us wonder whether all of these things are even possible for someone like us, who will probably never have the opportunity of being able to travel through time as it is described in many sci-fi stories.

10. Science fiction helps us become more empathetic.

Sharing the emotions of characters in sci-fi stories really helps us to understand what it is like to be someone else or to be in another reality.

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