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It all started in 1995 when an inventor named Satoshi Tajiri of Japan created a game called "Puzzle de Pon" or "Pikachu" for its English translation. The idea was to help children learn about fish and other woodland creatures while still having fun.

The history of Pokémon is long and complicated, but when you look back at it now, you can see how appealing this cute world has become to people of all ages and backgrounds.

The first Pokémon game, Pokémon Red and Green, was released in Japan for the Game Boy in 1996 (originally intended as a sequel to Pokémon Red and Green released in 1996). The original release date was February 27, 1996 (the date of the Japanese holiday Hinamatsuri), but due to numerous delays, it was not released until nearly a year later. After its release in Japan, it quickly became a cultural phenomenon. With the help of second-generation games Pokémon Blue, it became popular enough to be imported to the United States.

The Pokémon games were developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. The series began as a pair of video games for the original Game Boy called "Pokémon Red" and "Blue". Next, an anime was created along with a trading card game (TCG) and manga. Later, more games were made to include spin-off titles like Hey You, Pikachu! for the Nintendo 64, as well as Pokémon Stadium for the Nintendo 64 and Pokémon Snap for the then new Nintendo 64DD (64DD is now known as Nintendo's official Disk Drive).

Some time after that, people started to make their own fan art of their favorite Pokémon. Fan art has now become a global phenomenon. Today you can find fan art not only in the form of art and writing, but also in the form of cosplay (costume play), figurines, plush, toys, and many other things. Fan fiction is also a very popular subject for people to write about.

On December 27, 2010 in Japan, the newest Pokémon game was released and is called "Pokémon Black" and "White." There are two versions, one called "Pokémon Black" which will let you play as a male character and another called "Pokémon White" which will let you play as a female character. The games were released here in 2011 with the same names.

Pokémon is an extremely popular game, manga, and anime in Japan. In a recent poll by Oricon in 2006, the Pokémon anime was ranked #1 as "anime that Japanese people would like to see for their 100th birthday." This is quite an honor for a children's television series. It shows how important Pokémon is to Japan and its culture.

Although the games were still fairly new to the English community, fan art was already created for Pokémon. August 10, 1999 marked the day when a group was formed of people who were interested in Pokémon fan art and wanted a place to show their work. This group is called PE4K (Pokémon E-Artists for kids). Although PE4K is not as active today, it started a tradition of creating fan art. Nowadays, there are many places you can look on the Internet to find your favorite Pokémon fan art.

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