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The protagonist Izuku Midoriya has been dreaming about becoming a Hero since he was a child. He inherits Quirk “One for All” from the legendary hero, All Might, and enrolls in U.A. High School, the world's leading Hero Academy that trains its students to become heroes too!

It's got everything you could ever want: action, comedy, drama and an amazing cast of characters with some pretty sweet super powers.

#1: Animation and Characters

The animation is very smooth and detailed. It looks really good in motion. So when it comes to the character design, they did a great job keeping each character’s personality in mind while designing their appearance.

Also, every character’s powers are very unique. From the super strength of Bakugo to the healing factor of Recovery Girl, each power is very interesting. It's also nice that they take time to explain different powers so you get a better understanding of what they do.

#2: The Storyline

The story starts out by introducing Izuku Midoriya and his dream of becoming a Hero. He inherits the Quirk “One For All” from the former #1 hero, All Might. Which is a powerful quirk that boosts one’s physical capabilities beyond normal human parameters but only lasts for a limited period of time each day. Then he gets accepted into U.A. High School, the world’s leading Hero Academy that trains its students to become the next generation of Heroes!

The story also follows other characters who have unique quirks, like Katsuki Bakugo’s explosive temper and Shouto Todoroki’s fusion quirk. There are also different villains throughout the story like Stain who seeks to kill all Heroes and Eclipse who seeks to become an ultimate hero by killing almost everyone else.

#3: The Comedy

The series also has a lot of comedy to offer. It's not just the main character who has a funny personality. There are also some comical side characters like Recovery Girl who makes puns with the words “recovery” and “grilling” and Tenya Iida whose over-the-top reactions make for some good laughs as well.

It's not overdone either, they only do it in certain situations where it feels appropriate to do so. You don't want your series to be all comedy, the comedy is balanced out by the action and drama which helps you appreciate it more as well.

#4: The Cast of Characters

The series is full of unique characters, each with their own quirks and personality. I can’t wait to see what new character designs are introduced in the future because it seems like they do such a great job every time so far.

#5: The Action Scenes

Izuku Midoriya is a very interesting character. He’s not gonna give up when things get tough. Even after being told by All Might that no one would ever call him a Hero, he still went on to save Katsuki from the villain, Nomu. He also saves Katsuki while he's fighting Bakugo. Anytime there’s an action scene in MHA, you’re really gonna get hooked to what’s going on. There's just something about the way action scenes are done in this series that keeps you glued to your screen whenever they show up.

#6: The Villains

When it comes to the villains in My Hero Academia, they are definitely worth talking about. Most of them are people who were Quirkless before but after meeting All Might and getting influenced by his ideals, they wanted to become Heroes themselves. However, due to some unforseen circumstances, they resorted to villainy instead.

Another thing to mention is that the villains in this series do not fight only the Heroes. They also fight other villains who they don’t agree with. This leads to some interesting clashes that remind us just how powerful these villains really are.

#7: The School Life of U.A High School Students

There’s a lot going on at U.A between classes, clubs, and training after school, it can get pretty hectic sometimes. Thankfully though, there are quite a few people who help Izuku Midoriya with his daily life, from his classmates like Ochako Uraraka and Bakugo Katsuki, to his teachers like Shouta Aizawa and Recovery Girl.

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