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The Men in Black movies are lighthearted comedy thrillers with a sci-fi twist. All three of the films — the original released in 1997, Men in Black II in 2002, and Men In Black 3 in 2012 — tell stories starring Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) as he recruits Agent J (Will Smith) to join forces with him to save the world.

In both Men In Black II and Men In Black 3, Agent J’s partner is Agent K’s daughter, Agents M (Emma Thompson) and P (Rosario Dawson). This article tells you everything you need to know about these two leading ladies of the series.

Emma Thompson, Agent M

Character History: The first Agent M we meet in the series is Patricia Menzies, a beautiful British woman who we see remembering her first encounter with Agent J. She later reveals to him that she is his future daughter, born of an inter-species union between Agent K and a human woman. “My name is M,” she says by way of introduction. “It’s short for Menzies.”

She is able to manipulate time, and tell when anyone in the room will soon die by seeing a colored aura around them (red for humans, green for aliens). She has a lighthearted personality, which stands out in the Men in Black cast where everyone else is so serious and by the book.

In the second film, Agent J is permanently stuck in 1969 after an alien bug got into his brain and then got shot off of his face. He has no idea what to do in this period besides hang out with Agent K in their youth, until M comes back from the future to help him out. She’s able to get the bug out of his head, but time travel is unstable. She needs J to save her so she can have a chance at returning back to her own time period.

She does so at the end of the film in a dramatic scene where she runs into a time portal to save herself, J, and K from being killed by aliens.

This action also saves herself from a life of loneliness, as well as J. Their relationship is hinted at in the first movie but not actually confirmed until one of the sequels. She’s a young woman with no husband, and her father is still unmarried years after his wife passed away.

Somehow she does not have much difficulty going back and forth between her own time period in 1969 and helping Agent J out in 2012, even though none of her co-workers know that she exists until she shows up in person for them to see.

Agent P

Character History: Agent P’s real name is Laura Vasquez, and she’s a rookie in the FBI who we first meet as a witness to the crash of an alien spaceship at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Her father is an alcoholic, and her mother passed away when she was just a child.

She’s recruited to be an agent in the Men in Black organization by Agent K because her father was a test subject of the MiB program. Her father had his memories of this erased, and he thinks she has just landed a fancy job in Washington. She’s able to hold her own with the other agents, and has good instincts for the job after working under Agent K for some time.

Her backstory is filled out a bit more when we learn that she married a man who knew about aliens, but turned evil and tried to kill her because he resented their child for not being human. She was forced to kill him afterward, putting an end to his threat against them both.
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