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Greeting cards are an old-fashioned way of showing your loved ones how much you care. They are not a substitute for picking up the phone or sending a text, but they can be more special and personal than any other form of contact. Greeting cards are great for when you're out of town, at work late on Valentine's Day, or if you want to show someone that extra little bit of love and affection in their day. However, it is important to remember these etiquette guidelines for using greeting cards properly:

Don't apologize in the card. Endearing words are all that is needed to show your apology on its own merits.

Write something original. Don't simply reuse an old card you received from someone else. Make it a memorable and personalized gift that will show that extra bit of effort.

Don't pressure your friend or family member to send you a card in return. Consider your relationship and if it is comfortable for the receiver to accept your card without sending one back.

Make sure the cards are clean and don't have any marks, blemishes, or wrinkles on them. This will ensure your gift looks nice and clean.

Include a note (in this case, a greeting card) with promises of gifts to come as well as acknowledging what the person has given you already in the past (symbolic of "what goes around comes around").

Don't expect a handwritten card from everyone. Mail can be slow and may take weeks to arrive at its destination. If you send out a mass email or text to your friends, colleagues, and family, only to have most of them respond with a simple "thx" (thanks), don't feel slighted. Remember that people are busy and should not feel obliged to express themselves in writing when it is not practical or possible for them.

Be flexible with your time frame of delivery. Be aware that during certain times of the year (such as Christmas or Hanukkah), the postal service gets even slower than usual. And even if you send your card as early as possible, it will still take a few days to be delivered at the very least. But don't fret, we can all count on the fact that cards are sure to make their recipients smile and that in itself is worth waiting a few extra days.

Thank-you notes are included in this article, but they are typically for gifts received and should not be confused with greeting cards. If you receive a gift, whether big or small, be sure to send a thank-you note as soon as possible. Just like with mailing an ordinary letter or writing a message in the card itself, it is important to acknowledge your appreciation when receiving an item of value or sentiment.

If you don't know what to write in a card, that's alright, there are many websites online where you can search for inspiration. You will surely find the right words to express how you feel or to extend your best wishes.
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