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The Funko company was created in 1998 as a bobblehead company. They have since moved on to produce POP figures, t-shirts, and other merchandise. Funko has grown into one of the world's leading pop culture companies with over 1 billion people collecting their products and franchises.

Funko is short for "funk" + "kop", which was the combination of Funk from James Brown’s song and Kop from Tony Montana in Scarface. The company's CEO is Brian Mariotti, who founded Sports R Us before selling it to Kmart in 1982. He then started Mariotti Designs. Brian Mariotti currently owns over 55 different companies in the toy industry. In 2004, he bought Funko from a couple who started it and has expanded it into a household name, selling to many stores and furthering the company's reach.

In 1998, Mike Becker founded Funko. He wanted to create collectibles with bobbleheads but was told that they were not a good product for marketing because of their decreasing values as time went on. He pursued his dream by creating Mystery Minis in 2008. The product included characters from movies, television and comic books as well as real people like President Barack Obama, Taylor Swift and Prince William . The company's headquarters is located in Camas, Washington. The current headquarters has over 400 employees, many of whom are devoted collectors and have worked there since its opening.

In 2016, Funko announced that they would be adding 500 new people to their workforce. They still are planning on expanding and adding more employees. Funko has been growing at a rapid rate ever since it opened in 1998 as a bobblehead company.

Funko has reached over $200 million dollars in revenue every single year since they started creating products for sale. Today, their products range from clothing, plushies and action figures to DIY items like decals and paint brushes.

In the early days of Funko, they mainly sold bobbleheads and Pop Vinyls. Now, they produce many other types of merchandise. Some recent lines include Dorbz, Fabrikations and Pocket POP! They also plan to release Vinyl Idolz in the near future.

Funko Pops are probably the most popular items that Funko produces; however, they make a lot more than just Pops. Many people are not aware that Funko products go beyond just Pops and into other categories such as: Plushies, Vynl Figures, Dorbz, and more. There is also a large line of plush toys called MyMoji that can be bought with a virtual avatar. The MyMoji can also be customized by changing the hair, clothing and accessories. Funko has created a virtual world filled with characters from many popular series including Harry Potter, Pixar, Marvel and Disney.

Funko has produced a wide variety of POP! figures over the years. The first figures released were from Star Wars: A New Hope in 2011. In 2012 they released their first Disney collection with Mickey Mouse from Steamboat Willie, followed by a collection of The Nightmare Before Christmas characters released in 2013.

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