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Top 10 My Hero Academia Characters

Posted by Nerdvana Outpost on

Top 10 My Hero Academia Characters

Right off the bat, it's hard to deny that protagonist Izuku Midoriya is one of My Hero Academia's best characters. He is always full of determination, and even in the face of impossible odds he never wavers. Not only are his aspirations admirable but he has incredible power to back it up! In fact, Izuku almost always has the most powerful quirks on the show-he can take a beating or run rampant without stopping!

But with such a great character like Izuku, there must be other worthwhile heroes who can match up to his might. This list features 10 characters who all have strengths as well as flaws that make them compelling and realistic (at least for fictional characters). There are more than 10 characters whose stories have been fleshed out, but this list will act as a great resource for finding some good My Hero Academia characters.

10. Tsuyu Asui

Coming in at number ten is Tsuyu Asui! Tsuyu is a girl with frog-like quirk, which allows her to do all kinds of amazing things. She has no trouble moving through water and she can use the pads of her fingers and toes to stick to walls like a frog. Her quirk brings an incredible amount of utility to the table! Tsuyu is also comfortable with who she is and isn't afraid to speak her mind. In addition, she is a very kind-hearted and compassionate person.

The only thing holding Tsuyu back is her lack of combat experience; however, with the way she has progressed in the series, she could soon be challenging Izuku for higher ranking on this list!

9. Eijiro Kirishima

Next up is Eijiro Kirishima! Kirishima's quirk is the Hardening ability, which grants him the power to harden any part of his body to make it extremely durable. Unfortunately, his quirk has a limited range and can only be used on specific parts of his body. He's also one of only a few students who can utilize their quirks without depleting their stamina. On top of that, he has a strong sense of justice and refuses to give up on people.

On paper, Kirishima seems like a great character but he has very few redeeming qualities-he is aggressive and short-tempered, which almost always prevents him from utilizing his full potential. He is also far too focused on winning to pay attention to the well being of his teammates, which is where Tsuyu's incredible strength comes into play!

8. Hanta Sero

Hanta Sero's quirk is Tape, which allows him to detach his skin and use it as tape. The way he is able to utilize this quirk is some of the most creative stuff in the entire show! Not only can he use it for combat purposes but he often uses it to create barriers and other things. He's even used it as a makeshift bandage before. Sero has managed to do all of this at the cost of no speed or offensive abilities.

Sero's main weakness, if you could call it that, is that his sense of heroism has held him back from using his full potential in battle. This is at least partially due to the fact that he has never had a mentor and is more than comfortable being seen as a sidekick.

7. Cementoss

Cementoss is another student who has incredible potential but lacks the will to put it all together. His quirk allows him to produce cement and manipulate it in any way he wishes. He has a high level of intelligence, which in combination with his quirk makes for some incredibly powerful creations. All of this would make him one of the most formidable enemies in the entire series if he ever gave up on being an ally.

Unfortunately, Cementoss is far weaker mentally than he is physically. His mind has been affected by trauma in the past and he has turned his back on human interaction to avoid dealing with it. In addition, he has suffered a lot of mental trauma from being at the bottom of the class rankings.

6. Shoto Todoroki

Next up is Shoto Todoroki! Todoroki's quirk allows him to combine fire and ice in order to make both powerful attacks and defensive moves. He can do some incredibly powerful things with his quirk, but unfortunately for him there are a few downsides as well. Todoroki has suffered from mental trauma from both of his parents and has been forced to deal with it in a very real way.

The development of Deku’s personality has been tied to his past. He is so determined to defeat All Might because he used to be one of All Might's biggest fans and loved. He's constantly pushing himself and trying to overcome the things that hold him back, which makes him one of the most relatable characters on My Hero Academia.

5. Chizome Akaguro

Chizome Akaguro is another villain who could have been a very strong hero if he got his priorities straight. His quirk allows him to access any recorded information that he's seen or heard about, which has proven useful in many situations. He is also very intelligent and knows how to use his quirk to the best of its abilities, which only makes him more powerful.

Akaguro's main problem is that he doesn't care about the people he hurts. He uses fear as a weapon, which makes him one of the most dangerous villains in the entire series. All Might, Izuku Midoriya and many other heroes have had their battles against him tested by his terrifying power.

4. Bakugo Katsuki

Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo are the two characters that stand out the most from all of My Hero Academia and for good reason. They both have very strong quirks and have had to overcome a lot of challenges to get where they are today. The main difference between them is that Bakugo is extremely powerful, but also really hot-tempered. This has caused him to clash with both friends and enemies alike in a way that Izuku has never experienced.

Bakugo's quirk allows him to create explosions from any part of his body, which makes his fighting style very aggressive in nature. While this can make him a powerful combatant in the right setting, it also makes him very reckless at times. He has a lot of difficulty controlling his quirk and controlling his emotions at the same time, which is something Izuku has managed to overcome completely.

3. All Might

This one's pretty obvious as All Might is one of the most famous heroes in the world of My Hero Academia. His quirk allows him to give off an incredible amount of power through his body, which makes it perfect for fighting evil forces all across Japan. All Might was also Deku's idol growing up and he was inspired by All Might to become a hero himself.

However, All Might's power does not come without a price. He can only use his quirk for a certain amount of time before he starts to lose his stamina. His body is also on the brink of giving out because he used to be much stronger than he is now.

All Might has appeared in many different forms throughout My Hero Academia and it's clear that he will continue to be a major part of the series moving forward as Deku becomes more involved with the rest of the characters in this universe.

2. Tokoyami

Tokoyami is one of the coolest characters in My Hero Academia, which isn't a surprise considering he's part of the prestigious class 1A at U.A Academy. Much like Deku, Tokoyami has a very interesting quirk that can be used for both combat and strategy. He can turn into a shadow as long as he has some light to do so and can also use his wings as defensive weapons or offensive weapons when in their solid form.

Tokoyami's quirk makes him an incredible defensive character and allows him to use his quirk in many different situations not only in the classroom but out on the street battling villains. He's ranked third in the class and he's an amazing character that Deku could benefit from looking up to. Tokoyami is a great character and makes for good advice about heroics and more!

1. Eraserhead (AKA Present Mic)

It should be no surprise that the most popular character from My Hero Academia is also the best character. Present Mic is the perfect mentor for Deku and someone he can look up to and learn from. He's ranked first in his class but he still has a fun personality that makes him easy to like. He's casual, funny, reliable and easygoing. Deku could learn a lot from this personable character who has earned everyone's respect, even if his motivations are a little baffling at times.

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